Douglas County Announces Blockchain Innovation Campus

Ever since crypto headed to the moon in 2017, Washington state has been a hotbed for crypto activity. Miners began flocking to the state thanks to lucrative deals they struck with hydroelectric power firms. However, the crypto winter has hit miners badly, and many are starting to reduce capacity or pull out from the region entirely.

In a bid to keep the blockchain industry going in Washington state, Douglas County has announced that it will be opening a blockchain innovation campus designed to help DLT researchers to develop new use cases for the powerful technology.

Gunning for a Future in Blockchain

Douglas appears to see a very different future for blockchain technology in the state when compared to other counties.


Get Your Potions Ready – it’s Aztec Magic Deluxe

Aztec Magic Deluxe slot from BGAMING is one of BitStarz’s top played games, with its popularity stemming from the potential to scoop $45,000 for as little as $45. This 5×3 slot offers 15 adjustable pay lines while the game itself is easy to navigate and play.

Let’s Get Betting

To wager, simply adjust the size of your bet per line at the bottom right of the playing screen. You can choose between $0.01 and $3. The next step is to select how many lines you want to wager on, and you can do this with the Line Count button at the bottom left. Remember, your bet per line will be multiplied to the number of lines you select, the result of which is going to be your total bet for that spin.


Claims of $10 Billion Russian Bitcoin Purchase Hit the Rocks

Crypto fans around the world woke to headlines Monday proclaiming that Russia was planning on buying up $10 billion worth of Bitcoin in order to circumvent US sanctions. Some will have spilled their cereal in excitement at the headline, some will have read the article with skepticism while others will have immediately dismissed it. Time will tell who will eventually be right, but it seems that the cereal spillers might have been getting ahead of themselves.


Crypto World Sees First Anniversary of BitConnect’s Demise

BitConnect, the crypto scheme that promised holders regular returns on their investment, closed its doors one year ago today, bringing an end to one of the more unpleasant chapters in cryptocurrency’s short history. While many in the crypto community are celebrating the anniversary of its demise, the shockwaves are still being felt by those who plowed savings and borrowed money into BitConnect, only to see it vanish into dust overnight. Some of the high-profile promoters are still awaiting trial in response to class action lawsuits filed against them by former investors, meaning that the name BitConnect will not be completely consigned to the history books just yet.


The $100,000 Watch That is Also a Crypto Wallet

Some inventions come around precisely when they can make the biggest impact. The tank, for example, made its debut during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Windows 95 arrived in our homes just as the internet was looking for its breakout event. Swiss luxury watchmaker A. Favre & Fils would appear to have taken this rule and turned it on its head by announcing, in the depths of a bear market, a $100,000 watch that contains a cryptocurrency wallet.


A. Favre et Fils – #what_is_the_missing_link from afavrefils on Vimeo.

Big on Price, Short on Details



Top Gaming Tips That Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Online casinos are a godsend for anyone that lives miles away from their nearest land-based casino, not to mention the added bonus of being able to play in your pajamas. While the odds remain the same between online and land-based casinos, as a player you do have a slight edge over the house when it comes to spinning those reels from home. At BitStarz Casino we are all about giving you the inside scoop, so here are a few tips that most online casinos don’t want you to know!

Take Advantage of No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins are the best way to give yourself a shot at making some early wins at an online casino – it’s essentially a bankroll boost that the casino is giving you just for making an account.


Wyoming State Passes Two Crypto-Friendly Bills

Wyoming has been at the forefront of America’s blockchain revolution for quite some time, and now it’s passed two fresh crypto-friendly bills to put it even further ahead of rival states. Bill 62 defines blockchain tokens (cryptocurrencies) as personal property and Bill 57 will facilitate the creation, development, and growth of a sandbox to encourage the growth of fintech firms using blockchain technology. These two new bills have catapulted Wyoming to the top of the list for all crypto-related firms looking for a new location to call home in the United States.


Colombian Drug Lord Launches a Crypto to Impeach Donald Trump

A little over 40 years ago, Pablo Escobar became one of the most powerful men in Colombia as he set up his Medellin Cartel. Today, his brother Roberto Escobar is carrying on the family business and is looking to impeach Donald Trump. His reasons for wanting to do so are not yet clear – it could have something to do with Trump’s border wall making it harder to import cocaine in the US, but that’s another story for another time.

Roberto Escobar and the Medellin Cartel have already tried to raise funds before, but unfortunately the GoFundMe account was banned due to censorship. This has prompted the cartel to seek a decentralized method of raising funds to achieve its goal of removing Trump from office – cryptocurrencies.


South African Cricket Team Falls for Bitcoin Scam on Twitter

For a brief moment on January 14th, the South African national cricket team was promoting a Bitcoin lottery scam on its Twitter account. The Tweet alleged that the national team had partnered with Luno wallet and was allowing people to enter into a draw to win 20 BTC ($73,000) – all you had to do was send 0.01 BTC to a certain address. However, five hours later the Tweet was removed and the team issued an apology statement claiming that it was the result of a hack. Whether it was actually a hack or a scrappy social media executive looking to impress is yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure – it’s not the first time we have seen incidents like this happen.


What Should Players Expect From an Online Casino?

Online gambling is growing. The market is projected to rise from $46.7 billion today to $89 billion by 2025. At the same time, brick and mortar casinos are seeing revenues and stock prices tumble. Online gambling has become more attractive as the technology has improved, with more players swapping Las Vegas for the living room. As an online casino customer, you are just as valued as much as a land-based one. If you’re considering making the swap that thousands do every week, what should you expect when you try out online gambling?


First and foremost, the developers and corporate owners of online casinos like BitStarz make it a point that the website has a strong security foundation. Legitimate operators go through painstaking and expensive processes to secure a customer’s information, comply with the law, and make all financial transactions encrypted.